Positive Thoughts: How Meditation Increases Motivation

Meditation For Motivation

Everyone hits a slump in life, but there is always hope. If you have found yourself in a rut, suffering from a stalled career, or even finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning, meditation is the key to get you back on track. Here are 5 reasons meditation can pump up you up:

1. Meditation can help focus your mind and renew your enthusiasm. When you meditate, you learn to let go of your negative thoughts, refreshing your mind, so that life feels new again. By disciplining the mind, a natural untapped, latent store of energy surfaces from within, thereby making the impossible, possible.

2. Meditation naturally reforms negative thinking. If your lack of motivation comes from depression, cynicism, or from disenchantment with life in general, meditation is a great way to change your thought patterns. Often, ruts come from the repetition of thoughts, words, and deeds. Meditation can put you back on the mountaintop, or at least give you the necessary positive mindset.

Meditation And Motivation

3. Meditation eliminates anxiety, depression, and addiction. Ninety percent of the thoughts you had yesterday will make up the thoughts you have today. Do you see the implications? After meditation roots out all of the dysfunctional thought patterns, anxiety, depression, addiction, etc, in the most dramatic way, your life will be forever transformed. A transformed life is a motivated life.

4. Meditation gives you a new identity. When you meditate, you stop identifying with the same thoughts and feelings you had yesterday, giving yourself space to step out of your routine, viewing the world through a new set of eyes. Change breeds motivation.

5. Meditation reconnects you to higher levels of emotion. Another way meditation motivates us is through its natural ability to increase our feelings of happiness, love, inter-connectedness, compassion, and well-being. When these states are created in the mind, we feel better about ourselves, our lives, and others. Feeling good about life is what keeps us moving forward.

If you are feeling unmotivated, know that the key to getting out of your slump is meditation.

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