Eating Disorder: How Meditation Helps Bulimia, Anorexia

Meditation For Eating Disorders

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#8 – How meditation helps with eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia

If you or your loved one suffers with an eating disorder you know that medication and therapy alone don’t always seem to be enough. Some days are easy and some days are more difficult than others. The unknown can be the most difficult part of an eating disorder, if a bad day strikes or wrong thinking arises, we can go from feeling great to feeling hopeless.

Because doctors describe eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia as an “attention” disorder or the inability to focus their mind on correct thinking, it comes as no surprise that the key to overcoming an eating disorder is through learning to focus the mind and relieving the anxiety of wrong thinking. Meditation can help with this tremendously.

The best thing about meditation as a complimentary treatment for eating disorders is that it can be called upon time and time again. In addition some of the other benefits of meditating to cope with and overcome these types of disorders are but not limited to:

• The ability to better tolerate foods
• A newfound peace
• Calming of the mind
• The ability to focus thoughts in a new, uncharted direction
• The releasing of tension in the muscles and a feeling complete relaxation
• Higher self confidence
• A decrease and possibly the complete end of the urge to binge

When it comes to eating disorders, the most important thing to remember is that there is hope. With the help of meditation, guidance and medical attention you can learn to live a happy and healthy life – but most of all, you can learn to love yourself for exactly who you are , and that is a very powerful freedom.

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