How Meditative Deep Breathing Heals the Body

Meditation Cures You Naturally
141 Benefits of Meditation 
#56 - How meditation cures you naturally.

It is impossible to deny that in western culture, our dependence on medical science to deal with our health issues is strong. But in other cultures, particularly older cultures in the east, the benefits of meditation as a natural cure for many ailments is well known. It makes sense, then, that we in the west begin to understand the phenomenal natural cures meditation offers.

While there are dozens of types of meditation, the focus on the immediate moment and on the breathing as part of the discipline is universal. The first natural cure benefit that meditation can provide is by allowing your mind to calm and look away from your medical problem, the stress and worry aspect of illness is reduced. Stress and worry are notorious for lowering the body's ability to fight off illness. By taking anxiety out of the picture, a natural cure is provided to the body.

The reason meditation heals lies in the breath. During meditation, deep breathing is essential. The increased oxygen to the blood stream from meditative deep breathing speeds healing to the lungs, the stomach and the vital organs.

As the patient goes through his or her meditation session, the constant breathing slows the heart and the metabolism. Often palpitations and anxiety related symptoms disappear immediately. The relaxed physical state of the patient then serves as a natural cure to allow the body to begin to recover and to grow more healthy.

Meditation never needs a prescription and you never have to "ask your doctor first". You may be surprised how delighted your doctor will be that you are open to meditation, and because meditation increases your natural happiness and boosts optimism, it will make you happier and healthier.

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