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Delta Waves: How Meditation Helps Deep, Healing Sleep – EOC Institute

Delta Waves: How Meditation Helps Deep, Healing Sleep

Delta Waves: How Meditation Deepens Sleep, Upgrades Immunity

Why the body's healing happens when you are asleep

As you probably know, the lion’s share of your body’s healing occurs while you are asleep. To be precise, in a very deep (sub-REM), no thinking, ultra slow brainwave state called "Delta."

The problem is, with diet, caffeine, & late-night TV / iPad / iPhone / computer screen time topping the list, modern man’s lifestyle choices have made our sleep cycles more shallow than the baby pool.

We are collectively crippling our delta brainwaves, depraving our immune system of the nourishment it needs to be strong and healthy. Luckily, meditation is the world's best sleep IV, infusing even the most malnourished insomniac.

How Meditation Gives You Super-Deep, Natural Sleep

The healing power of deep sleep and delta brainwaves

How? The logic is clear. Numerous scans show that meditators have dominant Delta brainwaves while in-session and while asleep. These results actually make a ton of sense.

Meditation's brainwave re-balancing not only deepens the sleep state, but also adds another round of restorative and rejuvenative battery recharge when "in session." Meditators sleep so deeply and "power-up" so efficently while in session, in fact, that many report needing fewer hours of nightly shuteye. If quality beats qauntity, then sleep is no exception.

How Meditation Helps You Sleep Like A Log

How quieting anxiety and boosting melatonin help to beat insomnia

Piling on the evidence: Beyond delta waves, meditation also boosts the main night-time chemical "melatonin," puts to bed "monkey-mind-chatter," while activating the "#1 REM gatekeeping" brain region (Pons). The result? Super deep natural sleep, every night of the week.

Doctors have countless reasons (and studies!) to believe that meditation’s never-ending list of benefits include, well, everything! Sleep like a log, supercharge your health. How? You already know.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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