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Becoming More Tolerant & Patient Through Meditation – EOC Institute

Becoming More Tolerant & Patient Through Meditation

Gaining Tolerance & Patience Through Meditation

Tolerance involves a mixture of patience and understanding, and it’s a useful quality in relationships, jobs and difficult situations.

As you continue to practice meditation on a regular basis, your tolerance to stress, frustration and challenging situations will all grow. Meditation teaches you to clear your mind of the negative thoughts that tend to run through your mind on a cyclical loop each day and focus more on the present, letting go of past frustrations and future anxieties. The more you meditate, the more resilient and patient you will be when you face a crisis- you will discover that what used to cause you worry no longer affects you.

Additionally, you’ll find that meditation will increase your tolerance and patience for other people. Meditation involves deep self-reflection and increased self-awareness. By taking inventory of your own life and thoughts, you’ll learn to understand where you can be more tolerant, more patient and more loving. As you meditate and learn to accept yourself for who you are, it’s also easier to accept others, despite (and even because of) any differences you might have.

In some cases and some relationships, it simply isn’t feasible to seek restoration because the pain and hurt is too deep. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to live the rest of your life with unresolved issues regarding that person. Meditation can help you bring unsolved conflicts to a resolution even if you are no longer in contact with that individual. By mediating, you can seek closure on unresolved issues, helping you develop tolerance as you let go of hurt or anger.

Interestingly, people who meditate regularly also report increased tolerance to pain, extreme temperatures and other situations. Meditation teaches you to breathe through difficulty, resulting in myriad benefits for regular practitioners.

Whether it’s patience for a crying baby on an airplane, coming to grips with a past relationship, or having the patience on a challenging work project, meditation can improve any area of your life.

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