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The Edgar Cayce Readings: What He Said About Meditation – EOC Institute

The Edgar Cayce Readings: What He Said About Meditation

Edgar Cayce & Meditation

Top Edgar Cayce Cures and Remedies

Did you know that there once lived a man, often called the "sleeping prophet", who not only correctly predicted world events like World War II & the 1929 Stock Market Crash, but perhaps much more importantly, provided verifiable, on-the-record diagnosis and successful treatment plans, cures, and remedies for over 10,000 otherwise incurable patients?

World reknown for his dead-on precision, Edgar Cayce might be the greatest psychic of all time, giving over 20,000 laser-like, super accurate readings for people all over the world, including former US President Woodrow Wilson and famed inventor Thomas Edison.

That sounds amazing! Can you tell me more about the powerful health readings? Is that information of value today, 100+ years later?

There are recorded databases of information that came through Edgar Cayce in regards to the maintenance of maximum health, disease prevention, natural cures & remedies, and overall wellness. Much of the information, not readily accepted at the time, is used widely today in modern medicine. Indeed, the light of passing time has been good to Edgar Cayce & his readings.

Is there anything that Edgar Cayce recommended with great consistency?

Meditation. The number one way of achieving wellness on all levels, meditation regularly came through Edgar Cayce during health readings. Practiced for thousands of years, today meditation is gaining incredible ground among doctors as the key to physical, mental, psychological, and emotional health. The benefits of meditation really are limitless!

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