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How Meditation Can Help You Find Your Purpose – EOC Institute

How Meditation Can Help You Find Your Purpose

Life Purpose Meditation

What is the meaning and purpose of life? For many, this question is a blip inside a life occupied by baser thoughts and actions, mostly entangled in survival and social dramas. For others, this question is asked in ernest, and finding the answer becomes a purpose in and of itself.

While the former make up the vast majority, the latter we refer to lovingly as seekers. Seekers are those who seek the truth and meaning of existence. These people often go beyond the limits of religion and modern philosophical thought, working tirelessly to piece together truth and meaning from the strange array of individual experiences and perceptions.

To get beyond the surface, there is one tool regularly employed by the seeker: meditation. Meditation, by its very nature, takes the seeker out of the realm of individual thought and perception, which is illusion, and down to the grit and universality of experience: pure existence.

Meditation does this by silencing the thoughts and judgments which make up the seeker's ego self. The ego-self is the part of the seeker that is the individual operating in the world out of self-interest. Stripped of this, the seeker perceives the truth of life, no longer blinded by his or her memories, perceptions, judgments, and, worst of all, fears.

It is in the midst of deep silence, when the seeker's mind let's go of ego, that he or she can know and understand true existence. For this reason, it cannot be talked about, but only experienced, and the seeker is responsible for making the journey on his or her own.

There are teachers who can guide a seeker to the proper path, but it is up to the seeker to take the necessary steps toward the ultimate destination. Meditation is his or her legs on this journey, the only medium capable of progressing him or her forward on the path to true spiritual enlightenment.

Through meditation, the true purpose of life can become clear, but only for the true seeker; one who is earnest, undistracted and unafraid.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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