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How Creative Visualization Works: Achieving Success – EOC Institute

How Creative Visualization Works: Achieving Success

Meditation & Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

Did you know that some of the world’s most successful people, including professional athletes, actors, actresses, CEOs, artists, and spiritual leaders — attribute their success to one highly powerful mind technique?

Its called "creative visualization." Used by those who understand how the mind works, today more and more people are using creative visualization to achieve personal success and abundance in their lives.

How does creative visualization work?

Creative visualization, put simply, involves the use of mental imagery to achieve a desired outcome. In other words, you must imagine yourself doing (or being) the thing that you want to do or be, successfully, with repetition.

For example, a tennis player wishing to improve their backhand would imagine themselves hitting it over and over in their mind (with proper form of course!). A person wishing to have financial success would imagine themselves as already living the life of someone with abundant wealth (nice house, nice car, etc.).

You know how famous people often claim to have "visualized" their success long before it ever happened for them in real life? It's the power of creative visualization that they are harnessing.

And once you see yourself as already having "achieved" your goal (whatever it may be), then your intuition and sense of "inner knowing" will light the proper path.

What's the secret to better creative visualization?

How Does Creative Visualization Work

Meditation. In order to have the most conducive "mental imagery" mindset, the mind must be still, and the mind must be clear. Once meditation melts away whatever subconscious blockages we're dealing with (we all have them), and once meditation quiets down the mind chatter that blocks our intuition (a.k.a. "success GPS") — that's when our ability to creatively visualize truly unlocks.

When you can finally see the "correct path" to your intended goal, whether it be love, wealth, more friends, or great success, then you start to believe. And when that happens, nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. Meditation is the way.

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