Consciousness, Meditation, & Water. A Trio of Awesome

Water Meditation

It is well known that water has healing effects, for example the sound and feel of it can provide many health benefits. It is therefore not surprising that meditation and water are a natural combination. In the Buddhist tradition, water usually is the symbol of serenity, purity, and clarity of thought. There are many guided meditations that use water imagery as part of the meditation, and sounds of waterfalls, babbling brooks, or ocean waves to help the binaural rhythms of the body. Water is crucial to life; humans, animals, and plants simply dry up and die when they do not have water. Water is soothing, it is inspiring, and since the beginning of time human beings have been drawn to water.

Types of Water Images

There are many types of water imagery that can be used with meditations. Calm, still, serene water has always been a main component in gardens used for meditation. When the surface is still, it becomes a mirror reflecting everything that surrounds it, and this helps as a guide to focus inward. The image in the placid pond reflection is faintly different from the real world around, and the colors that are reflected are vaguely altered, which can be related to the changes occurring in life on a daily basis, and how different situations reflect on one another.

Rippling water is caused by a slight breeze or a small stone that is tossed into the water. Meditate on the ripples as they bump into one another, or merge together to become an even greater ripple. These images help one meditate on how moods affect actions and how those actions affect everyone and everything around.

Meditation and Water

The flow of a river induces wonderful imagery during meditation. The blockades in the river in the form of rocks, or branches, or grasses have no effect on the water, it simply flows around the obstruction and continues on its journey. The grass gets sustenance from the water, rocks are rubbed smooth and reshaped by the continuous flow of the water. These images aid in meditation to discern one’s place in the busy tempo of the days and identify how those around either remain stationary, bend, or are eroded by the steady flow.

Another great image is that of a rushing waterfall or the ongoing waves of the ocean. In meditation these are generally roaring, thunderous reverberations of the water with pounding tempo, unrelenting force, and unbending paths. These images help to determine whether it is better to go with the flow of a given situation or charge over the impediment and be either swept away or join the current at its own speed.

Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments

Masaru Emoto wrote that there are “hidden messages in water”. Water has magical qualities to it and affects the body and the subconscious in ways that are yet to be discovered. Emoto carried out a lengthy series of studies of water molecules that were taken from assorted rivers, lakes, tap water, and bottled water from around the world.

He discovered that the water molecules reacted differently when exposed to positive thoughts and negative thoughts. In one of his experiments he took some pure distilled water and placed it in a bottle labeled with the different feelings such as love, beauty, joy, or anger, disappointment. He also carried out the same experiment but labeled the bottles with revolting words. He then studied the molecules of the water after a period of time.

The results were incredible and showed how beautiful those molecules were that were surrounded by positive feelings, and conversely how deformed the molecules were that were encircled by negative words and emotions.

The conclusion is that as the body is mostly made up of water, the health and well-being of the body is greatly affected by the positive and negative energy that surrounds it. Water and meditation are amazing when combined in positive, beautiful, and loving thoughts and energy.

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