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How Meditation Balances & Harmonizes Yin & Yang Energy – EOC Institute

How Meditation Balances & Harmonizes Yin & Yang Energy

Balance Yin Yang With Meditation

Every being is comprised of two opposing, but complementary energies – yin (the feminine) and yang (the masculine). They represent the parts of the whole that can never be separated. Together, they form the circle of life.

Day and night are an excellent example of yin and yang. Both are equal but opposing, but work together harmoniously to sustain life.

The yin is the deeply intuitive, feeling side of your nature that longs to express itself in creative ways. The yang is the thinking, planning aspect that analyzes and builds structure.

When these energies are misaligned, it results in feelings of inner conflict, but when both work harmoniously, amazing things happen.

Balance Yin Yang With Meditation

Before we tell you the secret to balancing these energies within; it is important to understand the multitude of life-enhancing benefits you will receive:

• A stronger sense of self.
• More inner peace and reduced anxiety.
• Insight into your higher purpose in life.
• A stronger mind’s eye and enhanced intuition.
• A sense of wholeness and fulfillment.
• Enhanced creativity.
• Whole brain thinking that blends logic and intuition.

So how do you balance these energies to realize more wholeness in your life?

Hands down, meditation is the fastest, easiest way to align your yin and yang energies.

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