meditation Take A Look At Open Eye Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they usually think of someone sitting in a quiet place with their eyes closed as this is the form that a lot of techniques use. However, it is also possible to meditate without closing the eyes. This may sound somewhat counterintuitive, but open eye meditation is actually a really effective technique that is easy to pick up, and can deliver some amazing results in literally just a matter of minutes.

Practicing open eye meditation allows you to connect with your subconscious being and your inner self. This connection unlocks the higher levels of awareness and thinking that release us from all of the feelings of stress, worry and anxiety that build up inside of us due to the hectic pace of our modern lives.

Open eye meditation is so easy to learn because it does not require you to learn any specific sitting positions; you don’t need to learn any new breathing exercises and you don’t have to concentrate on any abstract thoughts. Instead, when practicing open eye meditation you simply focus each of your eyes on a different point, so your left eye will be focusing on one object or area, and your right eye will be focusing on a different object or area.

meditation If you want to try out open eye meditation the most important thing is to set your expectations quite low for your first few sessions. Focusing your eyes on two different things at once can be quite tricky at first and it can take a few sessions to really learn this new skill. This is actually the reason why this form of meditation is so effective: your conscious mind is so occupied with trying to process all of the information from each eye that your subconscious mind can actually come to the fore, and of course this is the key to unlocking the highest levels of awareness.

Once you have become used to open eye meditation you may want to incorporate other methods into your meditation session such as some basic breathing exercises, or repeating a mantra or listening to a meditation CD. Just remember to keep it simple because if your mind becomes too overloaded it can actually be harder to unlock the higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

Practicing open eye meditation can have a number of benefits to your physical well being, such as increasing the blood flow to your eyes which can help ensure healthy eyesight for instance. Open eye meditation is also an excellent way of escaping from the trappings of modern life that generate stress and worry. After your meditation session, you will feel a deep sense of calmness and relaxation, and will be able to approach the day with new energy; you may even find that you have discovered new solutions to the problems you are facing.