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Did you know that people who meditate are much happier and healthier than everyone else? It’s true. And they have greatly extended life spans, too. As a matter of fact, there have been numerous studies showing that meditation dramatically reduces, and even reverses disease of all types.

But the benefits of meditation don’t stop there. Studies also show that experienced meditators -those who are able to achieve the deepest levels of meditative states – are able to tap into dormant levels of brain function they never thought possible -levels of function that exist in each and every one of us -resulting in increased intelligence and moving us closer to answering life’s mysterious questions.

Upon closer examination of meditators’ brains, they consistently show to function at a superior level than the average person’s on every single test, measurement, and assessment generated among the scientific community. In fact, if you do your homework, you’ll discover that many of history’s greatest inventors, philosophers, and scientists received their revolutionary, future -changing ideas during their daily meditation sessions.

Just imagine what you could do if you had access to these deep levels of meditation!

One of the reasons meditators experience greater levels of happiness and health is because meditation significantly increases the brain’s production of several euphoric chemicals -the same chemicals that flow through your bloodstream on those days when you’ve never felt better. Even more, meditation allows these euphoric brain chemicals to be produced constantly.

benefits of meditation Meditators also sleep much better than those who don’t meditate. As a matter of fact, they have shown to need fewer hours of sleep every night because their minds and bodies are completely refreshed and rejuvenated during their highly pleasurable meditation sessions.

Meditation is also known for providing its practitioners with superior mental and emotional health, it rids our minds of subconscious layers of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, phobias, and sadness, and produces a perfect mental and emotional balance.

People who meditate are also known to have more friends, maintain healthier relationships, and feel a great deal more satisfied and content with their lives.

benefits of meditation
The benefits of meditation really are limitless, how long will it take to learn?

What would you say if we told you that with just a press of a button, you could have access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as those with decades of experience? And get the same results in much, much less time, plus a host of other life -enhancing benefits?

Well, thanks to Equisync, you can achieve precisely the same electrical brainwave pattern (also see this page) of profoundly deep meditation safely, simply, and effortlessly. A few minutes of your day is all that is necessary to transform your life!

benefits of meditation
Its all done via EquiSync’s cutting-edge, precisely designed brainwave synchronization technology.
Back in 1839, Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a Prussian physicist and meteorologist, discovered that when you introduce tones with certain frequencies into each ear, you could actually entrain the electrical patterns within the brain to resonate in very specific patterns, called brainwave states. In 1973, ground-breaking researching by Dr. Gerald Oster, a biophysicist, renewed interest in this powerful field of study, laying the foundation for the hundreds of studies conducted since then, boosting the technology’s significance and importance immeasurably.

With these studies in mind, Equisync’s revolutionary, multi-layered, multi-tiered approach was born. EquiSync is designed to synchronize and harmonize your brainwaves while allowing you access to the deepest, most pleasurable, and most beneficial states of meditation, much faster than the traditional route. Learning meditation mastery has never been easier!

Many psychologists, doctors, teachers, and other professionals have endorsed the technology while personally taking advantage of the limitless benefits that accompany Equisync’s precisely designed brainwave synchronization/entrainment technology. It is such a profound field of study that many of the metaphysical benefits, those beyond our current scientific measure and technological & philosophical understanding, have yet to be discovered.

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The scientific basis upon which EquiSync® was designed is very impressive, with 1000´s of research studies currently available, and more being published every day. Here are just a few of those scientific studies.

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