Astral Projection Did you know that there are many people all over the world, who every night, separate their astral body from their physical bodies, while traveling to celestial planes of existence, interacting with a vast array of higher dimensional beings?

Not only that, but they are able to maintain conscious awareness during their nightly astral projections, recalling their experiences with crystal clear lucidity?

Its true, once only practiced by highly trained, spiritually disciplined Shamans and Monks, more and more regular people are becoming successful at astral projection.

What is the very best tool to mastering astral projection?

Meditation. Practiced for thousands of years, meditation multiplies the likelihood of your success 100 times.

Astral Projection What are a couple of reasons meditation is so crucial to astral projection success?

1. Meditation helps you in understanding the true nature of reality.

People who meditate are more likely to have metaphysical experiences that open their minds up to the true nature of our multi-dimensional universe, helping us realize just how limited our conscious awareness is during waking hours.

Understanding these and other spiritual truths will help you immeasurably when getting your mind right for astral projection.

2. True astral projection requires a certain mastery of mind, which is unavailable without meditation.

Astral Projection Meditation can get you very close to a fear free existence. By melting all the subconscious mind layered baggage - anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, fear - and everything else that might be an obstacle before, during, and after astral projection, meditation puts you in the driver seat of your mind (which also gives you access to countless other benefits outside of AP).

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