Meditation reduces your hypertension

Meditation For Hypertension

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#89 – How meditation reduces your hypertension.

The line between the body, mind and spirit are so obscure that some believe there is no separation. What affects one part of us affects our entire being. Hypertension is a good example. Because hypertension is directly related to our blood pressure, it is possible to have a direct effect on hypertension by controlling stress and our reactions to stress. The ability of meditation to control stress and hypertension has been impressive.

It might seem like meditation is primarily a mental exercise, but, in practice, the combination of quieting the body through posture, learning to control breathing, and calming the mind make meditation a perfect therapy for hypertension. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have done a number of studies on the effects of meditation on high blood pressure and hypertension. The results were overwhelmingly supportive that meditation is one of the best natural ways to bring down blood pressure and to do so without expensive medications.

One such study of the effects of meditation on hypertension was reported in Hypertension Magazine. They found that systolic blood pressure dropped by more than 10 points and that the diastolic blood pressure fell by over 6 points in patients who were using meditation as a treatment for hypertension. If the patient repeats the meditation exercise in 20-minute sessions every day, the hypertension can be controlled and the effects of high blood pressure drastically minimized in the life of the patient.

Obviously, meditation does not remove the causes of stress. But by putting the patient who suffers with hypertension into a relaxed physical, emotional and mental state, he or she can cope with life’s demands much more effectively.

If you suffer with hypertension, you can begin to learn and utilize the power of meditation immediately to improve your life and your health.

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