5 Ways Meditation Keeps Seniors Healthy: Brain, Mind, & Health

Meditation For Seniors And The Elderly: How It Helps

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#35 – How Meditation Helps With Senior Health

The wish to help an aging loved one during their final life phase can make any of us feel overwhelmed. Luckily, more and more doctors believe meditation to be the very best tool for mental, physical, and emotional senior health. Here are 5 reasons meditation is the “fountain of youth” for the elderly:

1. Meditation helps memory: The dominant long term memory and short term memory storage hubs, the Hippocampus and frontal brain lobe, both become well-stimulated during meditation. What does this mean for the aging senior? Better long & short term memory recall, including retrieving long lost memories. The aging person’s brain, through meditation, is ensured to retain the ability to store new memories now, as well as through the advancing years.

2.Meditation makes the digestive system work better: The deep breathing exercises central to any meditation program improve circulation and blood oxygen enrichment, sending extra help to all of the organs, including the stomach and intestines. After incorporating meditation into their daily lives, senior citizens with digestive problems will see immediate relief. In addition to the digestive systems multiplied efficiency, meditation’s extra oxygen boost helps the immune system, heals the lungs, and improves circulation.

3. Meditation activates the happy part of the brain: By stimulating the “feel-good” prefrontal cortex brain region, seniors who suffer from depression can benefit greatly from meditation (so can people of all ages!). With increased feelings of happiness in the mind, the aging senior can renew his or her zest for life!

4. Meditation sharpens and focuses the mind: With an increased mental alertness and heightened ability to function as a well-capable member of society, meditation can make the senior years just as rewarding as other life phases. The synchronized brain hemispheres, left and right, of the elderly meditator enable a remarkable brain function improvement. Better focus, more creativity, quicker wit, are but just a few of the available benefits. Meditation is many times more effective than a crossword puzzle.

5. Meditation melts away stress, yielding many great benefits: For senior citizens, long term stress can come from many sources: chronic illness, disability, or the loss of a spouse. Two significant aging and quality of life factors, stress and end-of-life anxiety, are greatly reduced after beginning a meditation program. Naturally, many experts believe meditation to be the “fountain of youth” for both the body and brain, and older people can receive a limitless number of these benefits.

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