The Meditative Mindset: Weight Loss, Food Addiction, Stress-Eating

Meditation For Weight Loss

What is the best weight loss method? State of mind.

Few can argue, a toned body is the physical manifestation of the correct mindset. The very best method for syncing both mind and body, here are 4 reasons meditation is the missing puzzle piece to your ideal physique:

1. Being clear headed instead of impulsive. Lets face it, that extra bit of weight did not just magically show up on your midsection overnight. Indeed, it took a series of less than optimal food choices over a certain amount of time. Its easy to say, “Im on a diet, and gonna stick to it.” However, the next day, come dinner time, long term goals become fuzzy.

Meditation For Weight Loss

“That burger looks so much tastier than that salad. Ok just this one time.” What we are forgetting is the regret or guilt that comes right after eating the unhealthy food. Meditation gives you a certain “inner thought pattern mastery” that is so crucial in the heat of the moment, making long term dieting goals so much clearer, leading you to make much better food choices easily and naturally.

2. Meditation satisfies the same neurochemical “fix” within the brain that we get when we eat addictive food. Did you know that food can very much be an addictive “drug” which elicits drug-like chemical reactions within the body? Its true, eating that bag of Doritos not only tastes great but also releases many “feel good” chemicals, like dopamine and endorphins, which doubles food’s addictiveness potential.

Meditation just so happens to do the very same thing within the brain, but healthily and naturally, in the same way that a jogger gets a “runners high”. What does this mean for people wishing to lose weight? Fewer unhealthy food cravings, less impulse to charge the refrigerator at midnight, and ultimately a better, healthier body and mind.

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Meditation Stops Stress Eating

3. Anxiety and depression lead us to overeat (stress-eating). Meditation fixes all of the above. In a world full of difficult times, it becomes very easy to develop a seemingly permanent dysfunctional emotional issue, such as anxiety, depression, or addiction (food addiction). We all suffer from these issues, some more than others — stress-eating is incredibly under-discussed.

In fact, many studies strongly link stress levels within a society to obesity rate (not really much of a surprise). Luckily, meditation transforms how your body and mind react to stress. By raising the ceiling at which you mentally and physiologically perceive an event to be stressful, meditation effectively disallows anxiety, depression, and addiction (yes, food addiction) from manifesting within your psyche.

4. Meditation lights up the “willpower” brain region. A 2009 joint-Duke-Caltech University study examined the brains of 37 dieters while they looked at 50 photos of various foods, rating each by taste and healthiness. Their study showed that those dieters with the highest levels of willpower had very high activity in the “dorsolateral prefrontal cortex”. Its no coincidence that this brain region is also highly active in meditators, shown by numerous neuroscientific studies. Meditators naturally have a highly-disciplined, good food-choice making brain, with the body to match.

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