Modern Yoga Devotees Forgotten This One Very Important Thing: Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

What if, with the astronomical growing popularity of yoga, there was one key element, one crucial aspect of the super beneficial discipline, that has been forgotten by most followers today?

And that, this one thing that is missing, the original creators of yoga found to be the most important?

Its true. Today, most people practice yoga merely for improving their physical fitness, or for their overall well-being.

There is nothing wrong with that, and the modern version of yoga does these things very effectively.

But there is also a higher aspect of yoga, which for some has been lost.

Yoga Meditation

Tell me, what is this one thing, this crucial aspect of yoga that is not being widely practiced today?

Meditation. The ancient Yogis of India developed the physical aspects, which most people today practice exclusively, as preparation for meditation.

In other words, meditation is the “main event”, and yoga, at least in its modern form, is simply the “warm-up.”

Without meditation, the highest states of consciousness, the certain mastery of mind, the powerful transcendental awareness, the original goals of Yoga, cannot be achieved. Meditation is so very important!

I would love to have these wonderful benefits!

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