Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“I am deeply committed to my goals.”

“My discipline becomes stronger every moment of every day.”

“I enjoy exercising.”

“My willpower is infinite, for that I am grateful.”

“My positive attitude allows me to naturally lose weight.”

“I get stronger and slimmer every day.”

“I love how great I feel after eating small, healthy meals.”

“I love seeing positive changes in my body.”

“I am the creator of my future and commander of my mind.”

“My eating habits are highly disciplined.”

“Its natural and effortless to achieve and maintain my ideal body.”

“I love the process of getting slimmer and fitter.”

“I am thankful for my strong mind and body.”

“I love drinking water.”

“I love all the energy I have after eating highly nutritious food.”

“Achieving my perfect body is easy.”

“I believe in myself and acknowledge my greatness.”

“With each deep, mindful breath that I take my ideal weight becomes more realized.”