Spiritual Evolution

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Do you know the true nature of your existence? What is the purpose of your life? Why are you here?

Here is the truth…

You are a spiritual being choosing to have a physical experience.

There it is… You have chosen to incarnate on this particular planet, Earth, at this time, with 7 billion other souls, in order to grow spiritually, for your soul to know itself on a higher level. You are here for the experience: you are here to evolve.

Science is beginning to explore it (with a growing body of scientific evidence ), all religions point to it, whether directly or indirectly…reincarnation.

No one gets it right the first time. You have to live many lives to to understand, to know. This is how the soul evolves. This is the way to spiritual growth. This is the way of the Universe.

You have been here before, done this many times. You have lived many lives, in many different places. You are evolving, and will continue to evolve for eternity.

Open your mind to these spiritual truths (many should resonate with you):

All is one. Every soul in the universe comes from the same place. Everybody you meet, every being on this planet, is your family. Treat them as such.

• There is no death as we know it. Your consciousness, your mind, will survive after your departure from this plane of existence.

Mind is the builder. Your thoughts manifest your reality. Change your thoughts, and you change your reality.

• You are a very powerful being, and have the choice to create whatever you want in your life.

You are eternal. The true stuff you are made of, your etheric spiritual body, is indestructible.

• Everything & everyone is perfect, including you. Stay judgement free. Recognize that all other-selves are on different levels of spiritual evolution.

• There is no separation between you and other selves (other people). Your every thought, word, and action will be returned to you with equal or greater force (on a present or future timeline). What you do to others you ultimately do to yourself, so monitor your every thought, word, and action (the Golden Rule is indeed a Law of the Universe!).

• Your irrational fears & anxieties greatly limit your spiritual evolution. Learn to master your mind, thereby mastering your fears. Meditation is the best way to master your mind.

You are God-like. A powerful co-creator choosing to have a physical experience, with the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution.

• Every night, when you sleep, in the dream state, your spirit leaves your physical body, entering a more spiritual plane of existence (usually called the astral plane ). There is a great amount of spiritual growth that happens during this state, which does not often reach the conscious mind. Become aware of your dreams, analyze them, bring them into your conscious awareness , and maximize your spiritual growth.

• Every experience you have, every soul you meet, is an opportunity for you to evolve spiritually (this includes your reading of these words right now). Recognize this divinity.

• All of the lives you have lived, and will live, are happening now. Your thoughts, words, & actions put you on an ever changing timeline. So create the best possible past, present, & future you can imagine, starting with your thoughts.

• You have unlimited access to your higher self, the version of you existing at a very advanced level (remember all lives are concurrent), giving you guidance at all times. This guidance is your intuition. Learn to develop it, tune it, and trust it. Meditation is the best way to sharpen your intuition.

• The sub-conscious layer of your mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind. Learn to explore it, learn to master it. Meditation is the way to master your sub-conscious mind. All of the answers you seek are readily available to you, and easily accessible in meditation.

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