Meditation & Reiki Combo: Open Your Life Force Energy Floodgates

Reiki Meditation

Did you know that there is a powerful, unseen life force within you, that flows through your physical body via junctions (chakras), nourishing your cells and organs along the way, all the while maintaining your overall health, vitality, and wellness?

And that, when this life force gets disturbed, weakened, or blocked, the affected tissues and organs within your body can restrict their function, adversely affecting your health at best, causing major disease at worst?

Its true. And there is a highly powerful way of harnessing this life force energy, maximizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Its called Reiki.

Armed with a well-tuned level of consciousness, through a series of defined hand gestures, a skilled Reiki practitioner will work to infuse much needed life force energy to the disrupted chakra field. Once the Reiki healer has cleared the blocked energy field, it will flow naturally, restoring normal function.

Reiki Meditation

Is there anything that works side by side with, or even as an alternative, to Reiki?

Meditation. Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is the number one way to allow the free-flow of life-force energy, clearing any block, at any location in your physical or astral body.

With thousands of scientific research studies supporting its limitless psychological, mental, and physical benefits, meditation can be used side by side with, or as a powerfully effective alternative to Reiki.

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