Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“Great things come into my life every day.”

“Miracles are an everyday thing for me.”

“Today is a beautiful day. For that, I am grateful.”

“I think positive thoughts and radiate good energy.”

“I am thankful for everything in my life.”

“I always find the good in everything.”

“I always expect the best in all situations.”

“My natural hope and optimism are radiant; people love me for this.”

“Every day, I feel better and better about myself and my future.”

“Life is great! I can do anything I set my mind on.”

“With every deep, mindful breath that I take my attitude ascends to a whole new level.”

“I share my enthusiasm with everyone I meet.”

“The more I help other people the more good the universe sends my way.”

“My limitless hope is natural and effortless.”

“My hope positively transforms everyone and everything in my path.”

“My good attitude makes any goal I set within short reach.”

“I embrace infinite possibilities.”

“I am deeply thankful for my beautiful and bright future.”

“I always feel good with everything that life brings.”

“People are attracted to my magnetic optimism.”

“Others look up to me because of my limitless supply of hope.”