EquiSync® Design Feature: Polyphasic Patterning

When varying brainwave entrainment intensity, depending on the user’s level of experience, the so called "signal pattern" is of paramount importance. From a static, unwavering signal, to a multi-cycle, range sweeping pattern, EquiSync is a highly optimized program to forever upgrade your mental, emotional, and physical health, making an incredibly effective meditation session the standard.

Just as as an olympic athlete would incorporate a variety of protocols into his/her training regimen to increase the speed/ endurance/ strength of their body, EquiSync is a mental/ emotional/ cognitive toolkit designed to bring excellence to your brain/mind, from a variety of angles.

In fact, meditation is gaining huge popularity among professional athletes, with many at the top of their sport declaring their success is in great part owed to the age old mind practice.

Of course, you don’t need to be an elite athlete to experience the limitless benefits of meditation, countless people all over the world have used this technology to transform themselves from the inside out. We invite you to experience these limitless benefits with EquiSync!