1. Thank you for your interest in EquiSync®. Please read the following before downloading the free audio on step 6.


2. We recommend sitting down with your eyes closed. Headphones (or earbuds) must be worn for the technology to work EquiSync® (each ear must perceive different tones for the technology to work). Take a few deep breaths before starting the track.


3. Please allow at least 6 minutes for the EquiSync® Demo to begin synchronizing your brainwaves. Focus on deep, controlled breathing.

Count the time

4. Make sure your music player has no extra bass ( the technology will not work correctly with extra bass).


5. Your 20% Off Coupon Code: 7L8QRM

20% Discount

6. Download the Equisync®. Demo. Right click all 3 links below, save to desktop.

File 1- Introduction
File 2- Instructions
File 3- EquiSync Demo

Demo disk

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