EquiSync® Design Feature: Meticulous MultiLayering

EquiSync is built upon a precisely designed, perfectly balanced layering of multiple entrainment methods & techniques over its catalog of programs.

Listed are a few of these techniques:

Binaural Audio Technology

Isochronic Tones

SynchroWave Modulation

Deep Carrier Frequencies

Harmonic Resonance

Polyphasic Patterning

DeepMind Drum Therapy

Finding the proper balance. EquiSync 1, 2, & 3 have incorporated and multilayered the above mentioned entrainment methods to various degrees. The foundation of EquiSync’s design is built here.

Focus on your favorites. It is important to note that each user is unique as to their personal preferences/ what they respond to best, in terms of meditative results.

In other words, if you discover that you really like a specific track then by all means focus on that one above the stronger tracks. The consistent user will see great results no matter which tracks they favor.

Visualized Volume Levels: 3 Levels

It is generally a good idea to be aware of the various layers comprising EquiSync audio technology. At the highest volume is the tranquil ambient music and/or nature background (calm ocean waves/ relaxing rainfall/ babbling brook, etc), carefully tested to maintain flowing brainwave patterns during your deep meditative state.

Next, you should hear a slight rhythmic volume oscillation, up and down, of the smooth ambient background music- synced directly with the entrainment carrier frequency. This is a new feature, and a very effective form of brainwave entrainment. At varying fractional volumes are the sub-layers of EquiSync, which contain the harmonic isochronic, monaural and binaural tones of our technology.

Though less prominently audible, these tones have a very beneficial effect on the brainwave patterns, whose distinctive architecture & construction are one of the many potent EquiSync proprietary secrets.

Please note: Not all EquiSync layers are listed on the chart above.

Quick Advice. If we had to give one piece of advice, do not try to listen to the brainwave technology or the ambient soundscape, focus on your breathing. Pay attention to how your thoughts intertwine with your breathing rate — the more relaxed you become via meditation, the less physiological impact your thoughts have on you.

After around 10 minutes of this, your brainwaves will passively mimic and sync with the EquiSync entrainment frequencies, easily guiding you into various states of meditation.