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Meditation For Weight Loss

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#23 – Meditation Helps You Lose Weight.

Meditation has recently been used in conjunction with weight loss to make dieting easier, because a big part of losing weight means having the right mindset. While diet and exercise can help us with the physical side of losing weight, meditation is the best tool to help us with the weight-loss process, mentally and emotionally.

Meditation helps us lose weight by strengthening our minds so that we can control cravings. Meditation also reduces stress. Stress causes us to gain weight, especially around the abdomen, by convincing our bodies to hoard calories.

When we reduce stress and focus our minds, binge-eating and boredom-eating become things of the past. When you have the desire to lose weight, most envision themselves in a beautiful bikini (or board shorts for men) somewhere on the beach having fun.

When you meditate, the mind replays these images over and over as you envision yourself in that desired body type. As a result, you will gradually start to avoid some bad habits, including comfort eating, and soon be on the way to that slim body you have always wanted. Meditation allows you to be mindful of your actions and their consequences, including eating.

For example, when you see how your body, mind and emotions react to having cake or a hotdog, you’ll find yourself feeling sluggish with your thinking unclear. Meditation will make you much more cognizant and as a result, you think of better choices.

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