Be Grateful: Experience Abundance & Unconditional Love

Meditation For Love, Gratitude, And Abundance

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you don’t have enough now, you’ll never have enough?” That’s the age old, golden rule of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have, and more will come. Or, in other words, the more thanks you give for everything in your life that you currently have, the more you’ll receive in the future.

Some People Have All the Luck…Or Do They?

Do you practice a thankful state of mind once a year on Thanksgiving, or make sure to give thanks daily? If you do the latter, you will always experience abundance – money, loving relationships, fulfillment in career, a strong network of friends and family that provide support to you, and a brave, adventurous life. That ‘good luck’ you seem to have isn’t luck at all. You’re simply attracting it to you, with your generous, thankful heart. And, chances are, the more grateful you are for the things in your life (which can be achieved by a meditation for gratitude) – your good health, a car that runs, a roof over your head, and a steady paycheck – the easier of a time you’ll find ‘good luck’ whenever you go.

Daily Gratitude for Daily Abundance

On the other hand, if you constantly worry about money, your job, the state of your marriage, and how much credit card debt you’re accruing, you’ll receive more of the same. You’re not being grateful for what you have, and when you focus on negative emotions of fear, anxiety and frustration, you’ll receive more opportunities to play into your fearful emotions.

Gratitude And Abundance

Not always fair, that’s the way of the Universe. Practice being grateful and you’ll enjoy a rich, happy, self-fulfilled life here on Earth. You’ll become connected with your higher self. You’ll stop seeking out acceptance, love and approval from others. You’ll feel connected to nature, Oneness, and the wisdom of the Universe, all available for you. You’ll live without fearing the uncertainties of your marriage, your paycheck, or the economy. Need some help steering towards a grateful mind? Not quite sure how to shut off negative thoughts in your busy mind, and substitute it for a quiet, tranquil, and thankful state of mind? Try meditation for gratitude (it works every time.) Here’s how.

A Meditation for Gratitude (in Five Minutes or Less)

Find a time of the day or evening when you will be alone, and free of interruptions and distractions. Sit down on a soft pillow, or lie down (whichever is more comfortable). Cross your legs, and close your eyes. Repeat the following, and as you do, focus on the sensations and feelings of love they bring:

Surrounding me, I am safe, loved and comforted by a ray of energy. This ray of energy is pure love and gratitude, and from this powerful and unconditional ray of energy, I send it out….out and up to my crown chakra, and further up to everyone and everything in the Universe. I send this energy of love to my guides and spiritual teachers, and give thanks for your guidance and love. I send this energy of gratitude and love to the sky, and give thanks to the starts, and the moon and the planets.

I send this love to every galaxy, Universe and dimension, and also send my energy of love and gratitude to those around me – my co-workers, my neighbors, my family and friends; my loved ones and strangers alike who are no longer live among us on Earth. Lastly, I send my energy of gratitude and love to the many teachers in my life, and thank you. I send my energy of love and gratitude to abundance, prosperity, my good health and ability to be my best, highest self at all times. Thank you. Now I breathe in deep and out. And I open my eyes and focus on the sensation of love and abundance for all that I have, and continue to have.

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