What’s the Most Powerful Meditation Mantra?

Mantra meditation

Did you know that a well-chosen mantra, when combined with meditation, can have powerful, life-transforming spiritual, mental, and even physical benefits?

Before we tell you what is widely regarded as the most powerful mantra, and the secret to multiplying your mantra meditations, it is important to understand the following:

Why is choosing a good mantra so important?

Everything in existence, all of creation has a vibration – from the frequency of the sun (528 Hz), to the frequency of the earth (7.83 Hz), to all living beings, all matter in the universe vibrates. This is even becoming more widely accepted among scientists (ex. String Theory). With all matter being vibrational, there are some sounds that resonate at frequencies in tune with the natural harmonics of our world, and some that do not. When choosing a mantra, it must be in tune with nature.

What is believed to be the most powerful mantra?

“Om”. The root from which most all other mantras derive, the syllable “Om” is thought to have super-transformative capabilities, with multiple layers of meaning. To keep this short, Om represents the sound vibration of the “source”, the core of the divine creation at the very highest level. When your vocal cords output the “Om” mantra, there are numerous transformations on physical, mental, and spiritual levels that are largely outside the understanding of the human mind.

What is the secret to multiplying my mantra meditation?

EquiSync®. Designed with Harmonically Resonant Architecture®, including the 528 Hz sun frequency, 7.83 Schumann Resonance, Solfeggio Harmonics, & more, EquiSync audio can ease your brainwaves into a deep, super beneficial, highly pleasurable state of meditation, quickly, safely, and easily. EquiSync will transform your life, no matter your chosen mantra! (silent meditation is a good choice too!)

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