Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“Any information I need to recall effortlessly comes to my mind.”

“Learning is life. I love learning and I am good at it.”

“My study habits improve daily.”

“My memory improves with each passing moment.”

“Learning is easy because my brain is so powerful.”

“Everything I read brings me new and wonderful insights.”

“I am always open to learning in a better way.”

“My subconscious mind contains an ocean of knowledge.”

“I learn quickly and passionately all throughout my lifetime.”

“I welcome creative and brilliant ideas.”

“My capacity to understand and remember information grows with every deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“I am deeply thankful for my unlimited potential.”

“I remember everything that I read.”

“I am grateful for my high level of intellect.”

“My brain and mind have an infinite storage capacity.”

“Whatever I need to learn always comes my way at just the right moment.”

“Studying is easy for me, I do it very well.”

“I can easily tap into the limitless knowledge within my subconscious mind.”

“I deeply appreciate my super powerful long and short term memory.”

“My mind is razor sharp. I absorb information easily.”

“I concentrate and stay focused easily.”

“I am capable of learning anything quickly and easily.”

“I am grateful for my high level of intelligence.”

“My mind is relaxed, my thoughts are lucid.”