Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“I have a direct and clear connection to my higher self.”

“My true life path is directed from within.”

“I am always intuitively guided to make the wisest choices.”

“I am grateful for the divine guidance within me.”

“I always make the right choice.”

“I am aligned with the natural power of the universe.”

“My gut feelings are in perfect universal alignment. I trust them.”

“My inner voice is forever strong and clear.”

“I am always true to myself.”

“I listen to my intuition and it gives me the perfect answers that I seek.”

“I am deeply thankful for my perfectly tuned natural instincts.”

“I always let my inner wisdom guide my life.”

“My success is a direct result of my inner knowing.”

“My intuition is a divine source for creative ideas, brilliant thoughts, and clever solutions.”

“I deeply appreciate my gut instincts and sixth sense.”

“I am a master of knowing the correct choice even without prior information.”

“Everything I ever need to know is already inside of me.”

“My access to intuition strengthens with every deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“People are amazed by my intuitive abilities.”

“I welcome my higher self’s divine guidance.”

“Listening to my natural inner direction is effortless.”

“The right choice in every moment is within me.”

“My mind is aligned with universal knowledge.”