Focusing Naturally: How Meditation Helps ADHD & ADD

Building Focus Naturally: How Meditation Helps ADHD & ADD

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#47 – Building Focus Naturally: How Meditation Helps ADHD & ADD

Medical science has scrambled to find medications that can help kids and adults suffering with ADD and ADHD. The side effects of these pills are often as bad as the problem leading many to turn to alternative methods of treatment, the most effective being meditation.

One of the ways meditation helps ADD sufferers is through the release of endorphins and serotonin, both of which fight the impact of excess adrenalin, one of the causes of anxiety, stress and other ADD symptoms. The result is that meditation can allow people dealing with ADD and ADHD to become calm and focused.

Another way that meditation provides tremendous benefits to ADD sufferers is through discipline. Most meditation training calls upon the person using meditation to sit quietly, focus their thoughts, stabilize and concentrate on their breathing and, over time, improve their ability to sustain focus for long periods of time.

These skills can build within the ADD and ADHD sufferer the will and the ability to sustain concentration and focus and counteract the impulse control problems that are part of the disease. Meditation corrects the “attention deficit”, the crux of why ADD is so problematic, and because meditation is a skill that is built and not a medicine, you or your child can call upon this newly built ability to focus and concentrate at any time.

Meditation does more than just calm and empower the ADD patient to cope with their illness, medical science has proven that meditation actually affects changes to the brain chemistry, which allows the central nervous system to balance the neurotransmitter levels in the brain. The balance of neurotransmitter levels reduces or eliminates impulse control issues, poor attention, and lack of self control.

The verdict from the medical community is that meditation can have a more positive effect overcoming ADD than medication, but without the costs and risks of side effects.

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