Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“With every deep, mindful breath that I take I become healthier and healthier.”

“Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.”

“My mind, body and spirit are united for my highest good.”

“I get deep, restorative sleep every night and I wake up feeling fresh every morning.”

“All of my thoughts and feelings move my health to a higher level.”

“My body always repairs itself quickly and easily.”

“Healing light glows from every cell of my body.”

“My mind is the ultimate healing force.”

“I become healthier with every thought that I have and every choice I make.”

“Every cell in my body radiates health. For that, I am thankful.”

“The more I let go, the healthier I become.”

“My immune system is super strong and can deal with anything.”

“My mind and body are always calm and relaxed.”

“Hope springs from every cell of my physical body.”

“My limitless flow of positive thoughts nourish every cell in my body.”

“I am my own healing power.”

“I am grateful that I am so good at healing from within.”

“I am adept at tapping into my infinite supply of natural healing power.”