EquiSync® Design Feature: Harmonic Resonance

As our scientific understanding of the world grows, certain ideas once thought fringe are now becoming mainstream. Today, the healing properties of certain sound frequencies are showing incredible promise.

Perhaps one of the most incredible experiments on the healing power of sound comes from a Japanese doctor and bestselling author, Dr. Masuro Emoto.

In his groundbreaking book “Messages from Water” he outlined his experiments into how positive/ negative/ harmonic/ disharmonic sound vibrations affect the structure of water molecules in many surprising and amazing ways.

He found that after exposing water to certain sounds, words, and frequencies, either incomplete, malformed or beautiful, highly geometric crystals would form, as examined under the microscope in their respective Petri dish during the freezing process.

Dr. Emoto concluded that all sound is vibration, and positive vibrations and precise sounds can indeed be a form of healing energy. As water based beings, we humans are indeed impacted by this powerful phenomenon.

As the years and mounting evidence build, even the most hardened skeptics are opening up to the vast potential of the healing power of sound.

Armed with this growing body of research, EquiSync multi-layers the most harmonic frequencies known to science (including Solfeggio Frequencies, Pythagoreon Tuning, and more). The result?

Extremely beneficial effects on consciousness, deepening the meditative state to new levels, creating a sequence of changes that science is just learning to measure.

We believe this feature is one reason why so many EquiSync users continually report amazing experiences with the program.