Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“I easily recognize and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.”

“The positive energy I put out to the world comes back to me 100 fold.”

“I love making other people feel good. In return, I feel great.”

“My life is a joy. I appreciate this joy on a deeper level all the time.”

“I concentrate on the aspects of life that make me feel good.”

“I am thankful for my natural positive attitude and strong sense of humor.”

“I love who I am. My future grows brighter all the time.”

“My life purpose is the pursuit of pure joy.”

“My inner peace grows with each deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“Feeling good is natural and normal for me.”

“Living my life in the flow is the amazing on all levels.”

“I find it easy to stay happy, and for that I am grateful.”

“I love myself and who I am.”

“Other people love having me around.”

“My challenges bring me greater opportunities.”

“It’s easy to remind myself how great the gift of life truly is.”

“My joy deepens with every deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“I deeply appreciate my happy and hopeful future.”

“I have all the guidance, energy, ideas, creativity, power and ability to do everything that I am meant to do.”

“I allow myself to fully enjoy every moment of every day.”

“My personality is magnetic, I bring happiness to everyone I meet.”