Note: We have applied the incredible science behind drumming to a select number of EquiSync tracks. Quite a few users report these as their favorites! You can learn a bit more below:

The Mental & Physical Benefits of Drums

Used for thousands of years, drum therapy is a time-tested method used to promote and maintain mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. In fact, scientists are becoming increasingly interested in these age-old rhythm healing techniques, with more and more academic studies verifying what our ancient ancestors have known through time.

Research has demonstrated the benefits of drum therapy for its ability to speed up physical healing, releasing of emotional issues, boosting the immune system, creating a deep sense of well-being, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and allowing deep relaxation.

What Can Be Helped By Drum Therapy? Stress and all of its countless ugly derivatives, just to name a few: anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, depression, asthma, hypertension, chronic pain, mental disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, emotional disorders, MS, heart problems, & many others. Here are a few results of scientific studies showing the benefits of drumming:

Turn Off Stress Genes. As evidenced by countless studies, stress greatly factors into almost all disease. A landmark 2005 study published in the Medical Science Monitor found that listening to rhythmic drumming not only decreases stress, but also turns off the stress response genes believed responsible for most common diseases. Clearly, the implications for this finding are profound.

Liberate Emotional Blockages. Dysfunctional thoughts and feelings are thought by many to create "energy blockages", developing in time into emotional and psychological problems. Sound vibration can stimulate deep within each cell of the body, effectively removing blockages and allowing emotional release. In a key 2003 study “Drumming Out Drugs”, researchers concluded that drumming can rebuild & integrate emotional health, while facilitating self expression.

Naturally Release Endorphins. A UC-Irvine researcher discovered that drum therapy can boost the body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers: endorphins and endogenous opiates. These highly beneficial neurotransmitters are best known for their ability to ease pain, lower stress, bolster the immune system, and slow aging. Rhythmic drumming does all this naturally, and when combined with meditation, can work wonders.

Double Alpha Brainwaves. A study by clinical psychologist Barry Quinn Ph.D found rhythmic drums to double the highly important “meditation brainwaves”, producing feelings of euphoria and advanced mental states. Drum therapy can bypass the sometimes steep meditation learning curve, condensing years of practice, allowing the limitless benefits of this age-old practice to proliferate.