Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“An endless supply of creativity lies within me.”

“I am a master of generating word improving ideas.”

“Abundant creativity flows through me.”

“I am a master at bridging the gap between thought, action, and results.”

“I am a magnet for clever ideas.”

“Brilliant solutions come to me all the time. For that, I am grateful.”

“My creativity flows effortlessly.”

“With every deep, mindful breath that I take my imagination strengthens.”

“I deeply appreciate my talents.”

“I love the process behind making my clever ideas a reality.”

“My mind is naturally wired for genius ideas.”

“Every moment of every day I become more and more inventive.”

“I always come up with amazing new ideas. I love taking action to make them happen.”

“My mind is free and open.”

“I am finely tuned into my intuition.”

“There is a huge demand for my skills and abilities.”

“I am thankful to have genius level creative talent.”

“I am always open to new thoughts and ideas.”

“I am grateful that my brilliant solutions are making the world a better place.”