How Meditation Helps You Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guide

What if you could easily connect to your spirit guide both anywhere and anytime you like? Imagine the benefits!

We all have them, though not many of us take full advantage of these incredibly helpful, super advanced entities.

Before we tell you the very best way to establish a clear connection with your spirit guide, it is important to know what they are and what specific benefits they can bring into your life (you can click the links below to jump down the page for the answer to that question).

1. What is a spirit guide?
2. What are the benefits of connecting with spirit guide(s)?
3. What is the very best way to consciously connect to my spirit guide?

What is a spirit guide?

Spirit guide

Existing in many religious traditions, a spirit guide is an entity that acts as a protector/helper to a living incarnated human being (thats you!). They offer support, guidance, intuitive insight, and protection. For some, a spirit guide is a higher version of self, often called the higher self (you might otherwise hear them called totems, angels, nature spirits, messengers, or power animals).

Is my spirit guide always with me?

A human being can have many spirit guides throughout his lifetime. Just like human friends, some may stick around for life and others may come and go.

What are the benefits of connecting with spirit guides?

Spirit guide

A spirit guide acts as a mediator to help enhance the quality of your life. There are several benefits of connecting with a spirit guide, including (but not limited) to the following:

• Increasing your intuition, clearly guiding you through life.
• Conveying personalized knowledge (past life info, etc.)
• Bringing clarity and understanding of your life purpose.
• Helping you to feel supported and connected.
• Raising your vibration.
• Increasing synchronicity in your life.
• Giving meaningful dream messages & better overall dream interpretation.
• Creative inspiration yielding more success in all areas of your life.
• Personalized guidance and warnings.
• Allowing the right people and circumstances into your life.
• Facilitate learning and spiritual growth.
• Tap into the energies of compassion, courage, acceptance, and love.

How can I consciously connect to my spirit guide?

The very best way to consciously connect to a spirit guide is via meditation. Meditation increases awareness and purifies the mind, connecting you to source energy, creating just the needed environment for successful transmission of your spirit guide’s insight and guidance.

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