Positive Statements For Deep-Mind Reprogramming:

“My self confidence grows with each deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“I enjoy being outgoing in social situations.”

“Feeling good is what I thrive on.”

“Anything is possible. I prove this every day.”

“I am thankful for my ability to make others laugh.”

“I always attract the best circumstances and the most positive people into my life.”

“I become more and more confident every day.”

“I deserve all that is good.”

“My appreciation for everything in my life grows every day.”

“I am thankful for the limitless good that comes into my life.”

“I naturally and easily create positive solutions in all areas of my life.”

“I am a master at life.”

“People always notice my many good qualities.”

“People love me for simply being.”

“My high self esteem allows me to accept compliments easily while regularly praising others.”

“I am at my best when out of my comfort zone.”

“I am healthy, strong, and infinitely powerful.”

“I am grateful for my always growing inner strength.”

“My deep rooted self-belief empowers me to take effective action.”

“I always live life to the fullest.”

“I have the deepest appreciation for the gift of life.”

“I am a powerful being.”

“I recognize and understand that I can do anything that I set my sights on.”

“I love myself deeply and completely.”