EquiSync® Design Feature: Advanced Binaural Audio Technology

EquiSync®: Constant innovation. Combined with our own independent testing, we have comprehensively examined hundreds of binaural audio scientific studies to make sure that all of the latest breakthroughs have been incorporated into EquiSync’s carefully engineered, highly precise design.

The highest quality, most advanced mental states are always available to you through EquiSync®. You can learn the basics about binaural audio below:

First discovery. First discovered by Austrian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in the mid 20th century, the last two decades have seen an amazing amount of scientific interest in therapeutic binaural audio technology - with more than 3,000 studies conducted to date.

Gaining significant ground within the scientific community. Today, this simple yet highly effective technology is used to create an unending list of positive mental states: meditation, relaxation, sleep, focus, creativity, and much more. Many researchers, doctors, teachers, scientists, and countless other professionals have endorsed this powerful therapeutic tool, while personally taking advantage of the limitless benefits.

How does binaural audio work? Put simply, when two precise, yet distinct sounds are introduced, one to each ear - the brain responds by producing low-frequency vibrations. The brainwave patterns then passively mimic the difference between the two tones, with the user’s state of consciousness following in-step.

Example. If 200 Hz is played in your right ear, and 190 Hz to your left ear, the difference between these tones (10 Hz) will be experienced as a very relaxing alpha wave. After a few minutes, your state of consciousness will mirror this particular 10 Hz brainwave, entraining your neural rhythms via what scientists call “Frequency-Following-Response (FFR)”. The countless positive mental, emotional, and physical benefits of the alpha state then become instantly available to you - inevitably followed by profound results.

Note: The design of EquiSync incorporates this very basic technique along with a handful of much more advanced proprietary techniques like Synchrowave Modulation, Deep Carrier Frequencies, Polyphasic Structuring, Harmonic Resonance, DeepMind Drum Therapy, and more. We encourage you to learn more about these features in the next sections.