Beating Addiction: Overcome The Inner Suffering With Meditation

Millions of people struggle with addiction every day. The fight against debilitating addiction to alcohol, tobacco or some other drug or habit can take over a life. Small wonder a huge industry has sprung up to help people overcome their terrible addictions and start over again. What many people do not know is how much help they can get from the simple practice of meditation in beating addiction in their lives.

Therapists who seek to help those who are fighting addiction problems have more and more begun to see the value of meditation as part of a path to healing. The first step is to understand the motivations that drive people to abusive habits. The reason many people turn to alcohol, drugs or some other addiction is they seek to fill a void within. The habit gives them pleasure or distraction from stress or internal emotional turbulence. One of the many reasons that meditation can help push the addiction out of the life of the patient is that it does not call on the person suffering with addiction to just stop “cold turkey”. Instead, meditation provides another path to finding peace and inner satisfaction that can replace the addiction.

The problem with many therapies for addiction is that they treat the problem from the outside in. Medications or enforced abstinence does not fill the void in the soul that the person suffering with the addiction is seeking. Meditation serves as a permanent solution to the addiction problem because it attacks the problem from the inside out. Meditation as a therapy for addiction takes the approach that the particular problem such as alcohol or drug abuse is not the real problem. It is just the symptom of the problem. Meditation doesn’t try to cure the symptoms of addiction. Instead, it replaces that inner turmoil with inner peace and cures the problem so the symptoms can go away.

The very act of learning meditation means you learn to take control of your emotions and of your anxiety. Anyone who gets the many benefits that are available from meditation gain a greater serenity, inner peace and see their ability to conquer fears and inner turmoil become stronger. All of these benefits of meditation are perfect for giving anyone suffering with an addiction the tools needed to beat that addiction once and for all.

The medical community has volumes of research on how meditation can provide a path to permanent victory over addiction. So many other therapies do not defeat addiction. Instead, they just give the person suffering tools to live with their addiction and still conduct a normal life. Because meditation attacks the root problems of addiction, it is a path to truly beat that addiction and to put it out of your life forever.

A final but quite consequential reason that meditation is a perfect fit for the disciplines of someone fighting addiction is that it is easy to use and it is free. Meditation can be used at any time by anyone needing that inner tranquility and mental focus needed to deal with the stresses of everyday life. At the same time, meditation can be fit into any group therapy solution that has been prescribed by your doctor to fight that addiction.

The value of meditation as a weapon against addiction does not eliminate the good of what therapy and medical science can do to help the patient defeat this insidious enemy. So why not use every weapon out there to fight and finally put addiction out of your life? Meditation is an outstanding addiction to that arsenal and one that will empower everything you do to turn your life around and live without that addiction forever.

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