Did you know that there are regular people, all over the world, just like you, who have reached what can be called an“Enlightened” level of consciousness.Its true, once only attainable by super-disciplined, highly trained Buddhist Monks, more and more regular people are reaching this once elusive mind-state. Before we tell you the secret to achieving Enlightenment, ask yourself these questions: •Do you know that you are more than just your mind, more than just your body, realize the true spiritual nature underlying physical reality? •Do you have a natural respect for other people, animals, and nature? •Are you free from negative emotions such as fear and anger? •Are you aware that much of the world we live in is an illusion? That your thoughts create your reality? •Are you above the sufferings of mankind, filled with love, grace and compassion? •Do you feel like you have a greater life purpose while simultaneously living a happy and fulfilled existence? •Have you transcended your ego to be free from material wants and desires? What is the secret to achieving Enlightenment? Meditation. Used for thousands of years by those on the path to Enlightenment, meditation is the key to mental, physical, and spiritual transcendence. But doesnt it take decades of meditation experience to reach Enlightenment? What if, with just a press of a button, you could have access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as someone with decades of meditative experience? And quite possibly achieve a certain level of Enlightenment in much, much less time, including a limitless number of of other life -enhancing benefits? Well, thanks to Equisync®, you can achieve precisely the same electrical brainwave pattern of profoundly deep meditation safely, simply, and effortlessly. A few minutes of your day is […]