141 Benefits of Meditation  #94 – How Meditation Reduces Free Radicals in the Body A free radical is an agent which attacks our cells from the inside-out. To understand how, we must understand that our cells are made up of atoms with a nucleus at the center. This nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged particles called electrons, which work in pairs. For many reasons, including stress, depression, and environmental factors, an atom in one of our cells may lose an electron. The loss of an electron is how an atom becomes a free radical, which can now attack the cell it occupies, damaging and eventually killing it. Death and damage in our cells is exactly what aging is, the solution – antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients made in the human body and found in healthy foods. Antioxidants donate their extra electrons to free radicals restoring balance. The human body can produce its own antioxidants, but with the activities we do daily, and the toxins we are exposed to in food and in the environment, we rupture more cells than we can produce. This is especially so if we do not get adequate sleep, are over-stressed, anxious, or depressed, which is why meditation helps fight free radicals. Meditation restores restful and peaceful states to the mind, relaxing muscles, oxygenating blood, and increasing the flow of nutrients to cells, so the body can naturally produce antioxidants. The body gets more quality time to heal while meditating than while sleeping. When sleeping, your brain is still thinking subconsciously, as is manifesting itself in dreams. During meditation, this isn’t the case. During meditation your mind is relaxed, giving your body the energy to boost your immune system, fight […]