meditation Positive thinking has been a growing trend in the culture for decades. But with the publication of The Secret, the use of positive thinking methods to get what we want from life has become even more understood and practiced. While the integration of meditation as a means to give a positive thinking effort real power is often hinted at in popular texts on the subject, not many understand the power of meditation to focus your positive thinking efforts and give you a power generator to make your positive thinking program even more effective.

It makes sense to combine a growing meditation discipline with your ongoing understanding and use of positive thinking techniques. The heart of what is taught by positive thinking guides is that the beginning of your success in life starts with how you think about what you want to happen. The idea is that by altering the energies of your mind from negative to positive, you generate positive energy that that empowers the Law of Attraction to help you fulfill your dreams. If there ever was a practical and proven method for altering the way we think and view life, meditation is it.

The number of inspirational books in the bookstore on the value of positive thinking is amazing. You can find hundreds of titles on the topic and they are all full of encouraging ideas, high-minded concepts and testimonies of people who used the power of the Law of Attraction to get ahead in life. But sometimes it is a little hard to cut through all of the encouragement and testimonies to find the “how to” of what you and I can do to change our thought patterns in a practical sense. Meditation is the “how to” that you must have to make the principles of positive thinking work.

Part of the reason that meditation is essential to any positive thinking regimen is that meditation gives you the means to look inward at how your thoughts are working and then take action to change them. Long before the positive thinking movement had terms like “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” to help understand how our minds works, gurus of meditation knew that the ability to focus inwardly and use the disciplines of meditation were the key to inner peace and a happier, more successful life.

meditation It is tough to simply change negative thought patterns through sheer force of will. The instructions of the teachings of positive thinking so simply stop thinking negatively and begin to generate positive thoughts is not simple at all. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people who understand the good of positive thinking but they don’t understand the “how to” of what they need to do to change their mental atmosphere from negative to positive thoughts.

So much of the power of negative thoughts comes from emotional distress, inner turmoil and fragmented thinking patterns. Through the power of meditation, we use a natural and simple discipline to slowly calm the waters of negative thoughts and emotions and allow positive thinking patterns to take control. By combining meditation with positive thinking, your time of reflection is the perfect venue to use the “madras” of positive thinking to generate positive thoughts into the universe. In fact, only through meditation can you develop the ability focus for longer periods of time and to allow your mind to rest on positive thinking concepts long enough to change how your thinking patterns work permanently.

Using meditation as the “engine” of positive thinking power is more than just one way to success with the positive thinking way of life. Realistically, meditation is the only way to success in learning to live a life of positive thinking because it is the only discipline that gives you the practical “how to” skills to begin to see real progress in changing your heart and mind. And when you can do that, you have the internal strength and skills to start to think more positively and so see the laws of positive thinking begin to work for you.