Circadian Meditation

Restore Your Natural Rhythm With Circadian Meditation

More and more people are discovering that Circadian meditation can be a really effective way of overcoming sleep problems, or just rejuvenating yourself during a particularly hectic schedule. In this article I’d like to give you a quick introduction to Circadian meditation, and show you how important it is to ensure that you are in harmony with your body.

Over thousands of years the natural day and night cycle has determined when our ancestors could work, when they could tend crops or hunt, and when they had to settle down for the night to sleep. Humans have therefore developed a very sensitive internal body clock that operates in 24 hour cycles. However, in our modern world it is more and more common for this clock to become interrupted and fall out of rhythm. Circadian meditation is an extremely useful tool that anyone can use to help restore the natural rhythm of their internal clock, and therefore restore inner balance to their daily lives.

So, why is Circadian meditation so important? Well, more and more people are suffering from disturbed circadian rhythms which can lead to complaints such as depression, poor concentration levels and a general feeling of not quite being 100% there. Circadian meditation is a way of overcoming these conditions by realigning your inner circadian cycle. For example, if you have ever been on a long haul flight that passed through different time zones then you will know how disorientating jet lag can be. You get off the plane and it seems as though the whole world has been turned upside down because your watch may be telling you that it is time to eat lunch, but your body clock is telling you that it is time to start getting ready for bed.

Circadian meditation can also be useful when your rhythm is disrupted by the events of daily life. Perhaps you’ve pulled an all nighter to ensure that a work project is completed before the deadline, or spent the night in a bar socializing with friends until the early hours. If so then you are sure to have noticed that you feel somewhat off balance for a day or two until your body has a chance to catch up.

Staying up all night once every now and again isn’t such a major problem because your body clock is able to adapt and reset itself after a day or so. However, if you are constantly upsetting the balance of your body clock, then it is very easy for your body to get totally thrown off track, which can lead to serious sleep problems such as insomnia. Instead of resorting to sleeping pills, many people are trying Circadian meditation and find it to be very effective.

Circadian meditation resets your body clock, making it easier for you to get the amount of high quality sleep that your body requires each day. Circadian meditation also allows you to focus all of your concentration on your internal circadian cycle, allowing you to manage the rhythm and gently restore your inner balance.

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